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Eternal Return

Khushi Daryani

New Delhi, India

Amity International School



The theory of eternal return states that the Big Bang is a recurring event. Time and the Universe has repeated itself an infinite number of times and we’ve lived the same lives over and over again.


we’ve been here before

(haven’t we?)

bathed in the glory of this sun

feared and felt

birthed and bled

laughed and loved

loved and laughed


this planet, it will swallow us whole

soft skin

bitter bones

consume our pain

spit us pale


stuck in an infinite time warp

shook our hands and said hello

shook our heads and said goodbye

see you in a couple billion years

if we’re lucky, we’ll forget each other

if we’re luckier, we’ll forget ourselves


visitors marvel at a history covered in crimson

at us, souvenirs in the museum of time

so bury me here, in a soft crevice of memory

where the past becomes eras of longing


we’ll crane our heads to the side

smile slightly and say

you seem familiar

do I know you?


Mellifluously written, this piece's resignation to the cycles of life is both beautiful and heartbreaking.


In 3rd grade, Khushi Daryani’s English teacher told her she writes well, so she never stopped. She shall graduate High School in 2020 from Amity International School located in New Delhi, India. Her work has appeared or is upcoming in The Aerie International, Di-verse-city Youth Anthology, and The Apprentice Writer. She has also been a commended Foyle Young Poet 2019 from the Poetry Society, UK. Khushi is Hindi for happiness. On most sunny days, that’s what she’s chasing after.

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