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in a full car with my feet out the window

Maggie Odom

Kailu, HI

Le Jardin Academy



singing the same song, 


who are a part time 

drag queen & 

a mormon & 

someone learning to speak welsh & 

someone missing a lover who moved to texas 

(all of whom are me) 

but i, 

who am my own manic pixie dream girl, 

am kissing myself in the moonlight & 

missing the pieces of 

myself that are all the way 

in texas


in a full car with my feet out the window bitterly captures the disappointment of trying so hard to be good and finding nothing good about it; the piece’s unassuming appearance covers a sophisticated self-awareness.


Maggie Odom is a poet and playwright who attends Le Jardin Academy (class of 2021) in Kailua, Hawaii. Her work has appeared in the Oahu Fringe Festival and the Hawai’i Women’s Voices Festival. She was the 2019 Hawaii State Poetry Out Loud Champion. Maggie believes in using the power of communication to make the world a better place.

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